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ep·och [ep-uh k or, esp. British, ee-pok] · a moment in time or new beginning

We Do What We Love

Owners Marc and Clarice have been in the furniture business for over 30 years.
Rooted in a passion for serving Montana and beyond, Epoch West was founded in
2009 with a determination to translate the natural beauty of the Big Sky state into
timeless furniture pieces that are built to last.

Our team designs and manufactures fine furniture for the interior design trade.
Our furniture line is inspired by regional design featuring locally-sourced materials
such as hand-forged iron, patina and coated metals, and hand-carved wood accents.
We specialize in hand-crafted, bench-made furniture with various wood species. We
offer a wide selection of signature finishes to choose from, and we can also
customize to match any finish.

Made in the USA... Better yet hand crafted in Bozeman, Montana

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